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We lead Couples to fulfill their Purpose of Marriage.

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Ron Barefoot

Certified Coach

Holds a BA from the University of NC at Wilmington, a Master of Arts from Liberty University, a Master of Divinity from Luther Rice University and Seminary, and currently in the thesis phase of a Doctoral Degree in Pastoral Counseling.  I’m a certified Coach by an International Coaching Federation accredited Academy.  Currently, I have been a pastor, a veteran, author, and have participated with many local boards.  

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Live Free Coaching Center 

We specialize in Coaching and breaking barriers. Life Coaching considers the cultural influences and past events in your creation of obstacles, but we believe a healthy person can overcome these barriers by discovering their purpose and moving forward.

"I can't say enough good things about Ron Barefoot. He coached me through some of toughest times in my life. God has truly blessed Ron with the ability to encourage, motivate, and help you see that God is at work in every situation, good or bad. "


"I began seeing Ron Barefoot in the beginning of 2018. I was going through a difficult time with my mother who was suffering with some major neurological illnesses. During my sessions with Ron there was always a great sense of empathy as well as genuine Godly coaching. I highly recommend him to anyone needing a genuine caring ear."


"Ron was there for me while going through a really hard time in my life. His coaching helped me get through a divorce and I would highly recommend his services."


Frequently Asked Questions

Why life coaching vs. counseling?

As a coach we focus on moving past your current obstacles or problems.  We assume that you are emotionally healthy enough to move past where you are, so any retrospection is short lived and only serves as a moment to build on moving forward.

What can I expect from your sessions? 

Our sessions are guided by you.  You get to choose what and how we talk about things.  Once you decide what you would like to talk about, we explore the conversation and see if their are limitations that you place on yourself that you aren’t aware of or failures that you place upon yourself before you begin.

How do you help me move past obstacles or overcome things that plague my progression?

 I believe the greatest power you have to move forward is within you.  You are the expert on yourself and know better than anyone else what you need in order to overcome these obstacles.  As the expert, I utilize listening skills and the ability to ask you the right questions to draw those answers out. 

How do you guide me towards my goals?

I’m your accountability partner!  We walk with you towards the goals you create.  We ensure you are working towards those goals, encouraging you along the way, and working to make sure you stay on task.

Are there discounts for your sessions?

Absolutely, it’s always best to talk to me and ask about how we can work with you on partial scholarship.  We believe coaching is a powerful tool and my first priority is you, so never hesitate to ask.

Why doesn’t insurance pay for coaching? 

 Many programs do!  HSA’s can utilize funds to pay for coaching, along with other company funded accounts.  Many insurance plans do pay for coaching, however, our practice does not accept them at this time.

Why should we choose your practice?

We are a “real-world” practice.  We’ve already worked with so many pastors, males that have burnout, and couples who have struggled to overcome marital obstacles.  We realize we aren’t the best practice for everybody, so we don’t accept everybody.  Choosing us ensures that your best interests are always met.

Do you have referral sources? 

Absolutely!  Please understand that we strive to protect everyone’s confidentiality, so if you need recommendations, we will need to check with past clients first.

What can I expect during the sessions?

We strive to get our agreement to you as early as possible.  If you are doing a live, web, or phone session, we want to ensure you understand the entire agreement with no surprises.  We give all our clients a one time 15 minute session to do exactly that.  Once we cover that, we immediately assess why you are attending coaching.  Beyond that it is a journey that we allow to happen.  It’s then that you and myself decide if we want to move forward with each other.

How do you protect my confidentiality?

With an extreme focus within the limits of the law.  We’ll cover that later in our agreement, however, as a former compliance auditor, I understand the importance of file keeping, protection, and handeling.

Is coaching legitimate?

Absolutely!  I am a trained Christian Counselor.  My preferred theory has always been Solution-Focused Therapy, which is a hybrid method of coaching.  It actually involves empowering the client, not the counselor.  Coaching does exactly that, the counselor gets out of the way and allows the client to follow solutions they feel they can do.